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Are You Swimming or Treading Water?

Are you swimming, or are you just treading water? If you’re swimming, then you’re going someplace. If you’re treading water, then you’re just waiting to drown. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that waiting to die is a good … Continue reading

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Einstein Agrees with the Lone Ranger

Albert Einstein and the Lone Ranger agree: Get over yourself. Albert Einstein was one of the smartest people of the 20th century. His ideas revolutionized our understanding of space and time. They also contributed to the development of quantum mechanics. … Continue reading

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A Science Experiment About Life

Science is basically about observing the world and trying to deduce its fundamental laws. It can get a little more complicated, but that’s the essential method. So let’s try a science experiment about life. It’s easy, it’s informative, and you … Continue reading

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Don’t Live Like a Victim

Don’t live like a victim. Even in the most fortunate life, some bad things will happen. To you. To me. To everyone. Sometimes, it’s because of what other people do. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of luck. And sometimes, it’s … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Can Mean Freedom

When people have deceived or manipulated us, it’s difficult to forgive them. I’ve worked for some terrific bosses over the years. One of them is Jim Grey, whose luck with his own bosses hasn’t been quite as good as mine. … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Live

There are three basic ways to deal with any situation: Method 1: Complain about it and be unhappy. Method 2: Accept it and be happy. Method 3: Try to change it, and then apply Method 1 or 2 to the … Continue reading

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Give Thanks for Thankfulness

On the American holiday of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for a lot of things. In developed countries, we’ve got food. We’ve got shelter. Even the poorest among us have access to resources and luxuries that were unimaginable only a hundred … Continue reading

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