About The Thousand-Year View

The Thousand-Year View applies time-tested ideas to the problems of our modern era.

6 Responses to About The Thousand-Year View

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  2. Please do not forget the Christians who also know that there will be a thousand year period.


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  4. Hi there,

    I am the writer of A Questioner’s Journey. I clicked on the referrer link on my stat page from October 30th and it sent me to your blog. I notice the link to my blog on your blogroll. I just wanted to thank you for that.

    I am going to bookmark your blog page, which I already skimmed and am leaving a comment on “Can Truth and Niceness Coexist?”, and may get back to reading some more. I also put your book – Why Sane People Believe Crazy Things: How Belief Can Help or Hurt Social Peace on one of my Amazon lists.

    Take care,



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