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Three Ways to Live

There are three basic ways to deal with any situation: Method 1: Complain about it and be unhappy. Method 2: Accept it and be happy. Method 3: Try to change it, and then apply Method 1 or 2 to the … Continue reading

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Why Power Corrupts Us

Power tends to corrupt us. So do privilege and status. Of course, we like to believe that it happens only to other people. We could never be corrupted by power and privilege. We’re too good for that. Unfortunately, however, we’re … Continue reading

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Learn How to Trust People

You can trust people. Honest. That’s not a joke. Trust me. But it’s important to know what trust is. Then you can trust people in the right way. A couple of analogies might help explain the point. Suppose that you … Continue reading

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Remain Calm, Even If All Isn’t Well

It’s easy to remain calm when everything is going well. But it’s more important to remain calm when everything isn’t going so well. One way I’m lucky is that I have friends and family members who disagree with me about … Continue reading

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Understanding Control and Perspective

It helps a lot if we understand two principles: control and perspective. First, there are some things we can control and other things we can’t control. When we get upset, it’s often because we mistake one kind of thing for … Continue reading

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