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Some Comforting Thoughts

Life can be troubling, especially during periods of heated social conflict. Politicians and the media are no help. Most now devote themselves to fomenting hatred and division. Schools are no help. Most now devote themselves to replacing knowledge with superstition. … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Live

There are three basic ways to deal with any situation: Method 1: Complain about it and be unhappy. Method 2: Accept it and be happy. Method 3: Try to change it, and then apply Method 1 or 2 to the … Continue reading

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Sliding Toward Infinity

When you’re a kid, you look forward to your birthdays. When you’re on the wrong side of 40, not so much. But here we are again. As the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius said, our lives are circumscribed in space, and … Continue reading

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Don’t Wait: Be Happy Now

Empiricism is the idea that beliefs should be based on observable evidence. It’s one of the main reasons that our civilization has been successful. Empiricism has given us science, medicine, and technology. It’s given us choices and luxuries that people … Continue reading

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Understanding Control and Perspective

It helps a lot if we understand two principles: control and perspective. First, there are some things we can control and other things we can’t control. When we get upset, it’s often because we mistake one kind of thing for … Continue reading

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