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Can You Feel the Love?

Can you feel the love? It’s kind of a cliché, sometimes said as a joke. But it points to a real problem. For any society to survive, its people need to cooperate. That requires at least a minimum level of … Continue reading

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Have Happy Relationships in 2019

Human beings are social animals. To be our best selves, we need other people. But those relationships demand work, patience, and understanding. How can you make your relationships as happy as possible in 2019? Think about three things: You, the … Continue reading

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Making Peace with “the Passions”

“But what about the passions?” It was another philosophy class in college. We were discussing some abstruse intellectual topic. And my classmate Dave was interjecting — again — a lot of irrelevant chatter about “the passions.” The passions were a … Continue reading

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Love is not the Answer

“What is the question?” Continue reading

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