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Virtue Is Just Doing What’s Right

Virtue has kind of a bad reputation these days. People think it means being prudish or acting superior to everyone else. But real virtue just means behaving in ways that help you, other people, and society. It supports human happiness … Continue reading

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A Pop Quiz About Government

We’ve got a pop quiz today, kids. But don’t worry: There’s only one question, and it’s multiple-guess. The authors of the U.S. Constitution were greatly influenced by a book called The Spirit of the Laws. It said there were three … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Quitter

“Quitters never win, and winners never quit. But those who never win and never quit are idiots.” — Despair.com Don’t be a quitter. But don’t be an idiot, either. The problem in many situations is to know which is which. … Continue reading

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Get Help from Your Automatic Pilot

We spend a lot of our lives on automatic pilot. We act out of habit, without thinking about what we’re doing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If we had to think our way through everything we did, we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Are People Basically Good?

“People are neither basically good nor basically bad. They are basically free.” Continue reading

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For Hanukkah, Free Yourself

My latest blog post for The Jerusalem Post: What’s the most important freedom? During Hanukkah, we celebrate religious freedom. That kind of freedom is vital. But it’s not the only kind, or even the most important. When modern people talk … Continue reading

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