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America Will Be (More) Authoritarian

History is full of surprises, but this prediction is a pretty safe bet: In the next 10 years, America will become even more authoritarian. It probably won’t be called “America,” though that change might take a little longer. The continent … Continue reading

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Pianko and Peoplehood

My new blog post for The Jewish Journal: Are we not one people, but many? Today’s Jewish population is incredibly diverse. World Jewry includes people of all races and nationalities. It includes “honorary members” such as interfaith spouses and children … Continue reading

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Law, Tradition, and “Stare Decisis”

My latest blog post for The Jerusalem Post: Should Orthodox Judaism ordain women as rabbis? The Rabbinical Council of America recently said no, but not based on Jewish law. Instead, it was in deference to tradition: “Due to our aforesaid commitment … Continue reading

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