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Three Tales from Amtrak

In the early 2000s, I worked for a year as an IT contractor at Amtrak’s headquarters in Washington DC. My experience there showed one of America’s greatest problems, as well as its solution. The U.S. federal government created Amtrak in … Continue reading

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Is Our Technology Sustainable?

According to aspiring Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, automation will soon eliminate countless millions of jobs. It will leave few opportunities for workers who are displaced. There’s no doubt that automation is eliminating jobs. At the grocery store, you can … Continue reading

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Rise of the Machines

“We’re not trying to schedule our workers more efficiently. We’re trying to replace them altogether.” — An executive of a fast-food company Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate, reports that quote about automation in his book The War on Normal … Continue reading

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Lucky You

You’re lucky. So am I. I’ve written in previous blogs that believing we’re lucky is a helpful attitude: It makes us happier because we look for the good in situations. It helps us achieve because we see problems as opportunities … Continue reading

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