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Don’t Be Misled by Biased News

Note: With a presidential election coming up, the news media are full of misleading headlines, biased reporting, and less often, outright lies. Here’s how to avoid some of the most common traps. (Originally posted on my other blog in 2018.) … Continue reading

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Don’t Mistake Hate for Logic

We’ve probably all made the error of mistaking hate for logic. Of course, we didn’t realize it at the time. But that’s what we were doing. Yesterday’s blog post got me thinking about the problem. On my “Top 10” list … Continue reading

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How Not To Be Crazy

People are crazy, and it seems to be getting worse. In addition, many heavily-promoted news stories turn out to be false. The reasons are various. There’s a lot we can’t do about the situation. But there are also things we … Continue reading

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Coping with Clickbait

Call me naïve (“You’re naïve!” “Thank you.”), but I believe that most people want to be good. That doesn’t mean that all people want to be good, or that most people are good all the time. Obviously, they’re not. But … Continue reading

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